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Highway Patrol  Rated TV-PG

Highway Patrol starred Broderick Crawford as Chief Dan Matthews, the gruff and dedicated commander of a police force in a large, unidentified Western state, who is always in control and always at the scene of the action. The real California Highway Patrol provided technical assistance, and the Dodges and Buicks used as police vehicles were designed to resemble the then-current CHP fleet in both paint scheme and door insignias. The series was unique in that it used primarily location shooting - in rural and desert areas of southern California - in the still very studio-bound early years of television.

Broderick Crawford
Host/Narrator: Art Gilmore


  • Mon. Apr 28th4:00am
  • Mon. Apr 28th4:30am
  • Tue. Apr 29th4:00am
  • Tue. Apr 29th4:30am
  • Wed. Apr 30th4:00am
  • Wed. Apr 30th4:30am
  • Thu. May 1st4:00am
  • Thu. May 1st4:30am
  • Fri. May 2nd4:00am
  • Mon. May 5th4:00am
  • Mon. May 5th4:30am
  • Tue. May 6th4:00am
  • Tue. May 6th4:30am
  • Fri. May 9th4:00am
  • Fri. May 9th4:30am
  • Mon. May 12th4:00am
  • Mon. May 12th4:30am
  • Tue. May 13th4:00am
  • Wed. May 14th4:00am
  • Thu. May 15th4:00am
  • Fri. May 16th4:00am
  • Tue. May 20th4:00am
  • Tue. May 20th4:30am
  • Wed. May 21st4:00am
  • Thu. May 22nd4:00am
  • Thu. May 22nd4:30am
  • Fri. May 23rd4:00am
  • Fri. May 23rd4:30am
  • Mon. May 26th4:00am
  • Mon. May 26th4:30am
  • Wed. May 28th4:00am
  • Thu. May 29th4:00am
  • Fri. May 30th4:00am
  • Fri. May 30th4:30am
  • Mon. Jun 2nd4:00am
  • Tue. Jun 3rd4:00am
  • Tue. Jun 3rd4:30am
  • Wed. Jun 4th4:00am
  • Mon. Jun 9th4:00am
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  • Mon. Jun 16th4:00am
  • Wed. Jun 18th4:00am
  • Wed. Jun 18th4:30am
  • Thu. Jun 19th4:00am
Mother’s March

Mother’s March: A hospital charity Committee collects over $10,000. On the way to the bank the Committee Chairman is attacked and robbed. Dan learns that only three people knew the committeeman's route - the victim, his wife and a local businesswoman.

Mon. Apr 28th 4:00am

Slain Cabby

Slain Cabby: Using a squad of taxicab drivers as 'bait', Dan Mathews, lures two hold-up men out of hiding.

Mon. Apr 28th 4:30am


Insulin: Panicked by a government investigating committee, a notorious crime syndicate makes a fatal mistake.

Tue. Apr 29th 4:00am

The 7th Green

The 7th Green: A 'wanted' criminal needs shelter at any cost. The Highway Patrol exposes one man more ruthless than his boarders who operates a professional hideout for criminals.

Tue. Apr 29th 4:30am

Foster Child

Foster Child: Dan puts out an All Points Bulletin to catch an armed fugitive. Description: Male- 10 years old.

Wed. Apr 30th 4:00am

Lady Bandits

Lady Bandits: Disguised as men, two girls stage a series of armed robberies. After each foray, they change to normal dress and slip undetected through Highway Patrol roadblocks.

Wed. Apr 30th 4:30am

Tear Gas Copter

Tear Gas Copter: Three gunmen flee to a sparsely populated farm area where they slug the Highway Patrol Officer on duty and take a panic-stricken housewife as hostage. Dan swoops out of the sky in a helicopter to attack the criminals with tear gas.

Thu. May 1st 4:00am

Deaf Mute

Deaf Mute: 12-year-old Susie Haskell can't hear or speak. When two thieves attack her father, rob his safe and take her as hostage, Susie is petrified with fear - unable to cry for help.

Thu. May 1st 4:30am

Hit and Run

Hit and Run: A panic-stricken hit and run driver, two thieves and a disappearing body create a unique mystery.

Fri. May 2nd 4:00am


Fear: The Highway Patrol pinpoints Keith Tobin as a thief and killer. Tobin panics, flees in his car. Chief Dan Mathews commanders a Highway Patrol car, follows in hot pursuit.

Mon. May 5th 4:00am

Careless Cop

Careless Cop: After five years of flawless service, Highway Patrol officer Wilkie makes a fatal error. He stops a speeding car, finds a gun, but forgets to frisk the driver. It's Wilkie's last mistake.

Mon. May 5th 4:30am


Policewoman: Ohio policewoman Martha Cole poses as a member of a gambling syndicate. A freak accident tips off the syndicate to her true identity. Desperate, Martha phones Chief Dan Mathews, but she's captured before she can give her location.

Tue. May 6th 4:00am

The Truckers

The Truckers: Bill and Julie Gibson stage a series of ingenious truck robberies. They follow a drug company's truck, wait for the driver to stop, then slip him a 'mickey'.

Tue. May 6th 4:30am

Credit Card

Credit Card: Two men kidnap Janice Carlyle, commandeer her car, and use her credit card to purchase auto accessories.

Fri. May 9th 4:00am


Psycho-Killer: A madman uses 'Lonely Hearts' newspaper ads to meet and murder helpless women. Dan Mathews deduces the killer's method of operation and uses a lovely policewoman as 'bait' to lure him into police custody.

Fri. May 9th 4:30am


Suicide: Brothers Joe and Pete Curran, big-time criminals, split up when Joe goes 'straight'. Later, on orders from the syndicate, Pete attacks his brother and flees.

Mon. May 12th 4:00am

Phony Cop

Phony Cop: Pretending to be the hysterical victim of a robbery, Mae Loman draws the Highway Patrol away from the scene of real robberies her husband is committing in another area.

Mon. May 12th 4:30am

The Judge

The Judge: Red Baker escapes from prison with one compelling motive - to destroy the man who sent him there, Judge Crosson.

Tue. May 13th 4:00am

Dan’s Vacation

Dan’s Vacation: Dan Mathews takes a much-needed vaction at his favorite fishing lodge, finds the place under new management and some very strange 'guests'.

Wed. May 14th 4:00am


Explosives: Enraged Larry Bolton devises a cruel way to murder his wife and his boss. He steals a truck full of explosives, planning to blow himself, wife, boss - and much of the city - sky high!

Thu. May 15th 4:00am

Hostage Officer

Hostage Officer: In hot pursuit of two thieves, Officer Hoffman's motorcycle skids. He falls and is taken hostage by the very men he was after. Mathews uses his expert skill in radio-electronics to locate the fugitives and free his officer.

Fri. May 16th 4:00am

Double Copter

Double Copter: A 'lifer' from the State Penitentiary is freed by friends. The get away vehicle is in a stolen helicopter. Mathews gives chase in his own helicopter, and clashes with the fugitives in mid-air.

Tue. May 20th 4:00am

Dan Sick

Dan Sick: Dan Mathews arrives at his office in great pain. The Highway Patrol doctor first suspects food poisoning, then says Dan is suffering from an unkown illness.

Tue. May 20th 4:30am


Reward: An armed murderer conceals himself in a farmer's barn. The farmer enlists his neighbors in an attempt to capture the criminal without Highway Patrol help.

Wed. May 21st 4:00am

Frightened Witness

Frightened Witness: Joe Norton holds up a roadside cafe and kills the owner. In a moment of weakness, he allows two witnesses - newlyweds - to escape with their lives. The witnesses aid the Highway Patrol to capture the bandit before he kills again.

Thu. May 22nd 4:00am


Hostage: A convicted murderer, wounded in the leg, escapes from the police and takes shelter in a stationery store run by two women. Mathews tracks the killer to his hideout and takes a million-to-one chance to rescue his hostages.

Thu. May 22nd 4:30am

Family Affair

Family Affair: Myra Davis engineers a brilliant scheme for her hubsband's escape from the penitentiary. Leaving her husband hidden in a culvert, Myra cooly returns to her home to 'head off' the Highway Patrol.

Fri. May 23rd 4:00am

Transmitter Danger

Transmitter Danger: Two men steal a supply of TNT to blow a safe. Only Dan Mathews knows that TNT is set to be exploded by a radio signal. A transmitter turned on within a two mile radius of the explosive can blow the thieves sky-high.

Fri. May 23rd 4:30am

Gambling Story

Gambling Story: A professional gambler decides to eliminate his competitor's illegal gambling room by staging a murder in his rival's place 'business'. Dan Mathews solves the murder and prevents another crime with only seconds to spare.

Mon. May 26th 4:00am

Train Copter

Train Copter: Charlie Holman and Vince Crater rob a bank of $35,000 in new bills. Unknown to Vince, Charlie ships the loot as baggage to another town. Enraged, Vince kills his partner and holds up the baggage train to regain the spoils.

Mon. May 26th 4:30am

Portrait of Death

Portrait of Death: The body of an artist who disappeared mysteriously a number of years ago is found murdered near a mountain resort. Chief Mathews exposes the killer's strange motive.

Wed. May 28th 4:00am

Train Robbery

Train Robbery: Two gunmen take over an isolated railroad station, planning to kill the crew of an oncoming train and escape with a fortune in cash. Chief Mathews discovers the plot and races against time to save the lives of everyone on the train.

Thu. May 29th 4:00am

Deadly Diamonds

Deadly Diamonds: Pete Madison steals the itineraries of three traveling jewelry salesman, and alerts his confederates to rob them. Chief Mathews uses his knowledge of criminal methods to deduce when and where the thieves will strike.

Fri. May 30th 4:00am

Blood Money

Blood Money: When racketeers murder his brother Joe, Mike Richards hunts the killers without the help of the Highway Patrol. Chief Mathews springs to action to save the foolhardy 'amateur detective'.

Fri. May 30th 4:30am

False Confession

False Confession: Jim Rogers sees two men rob a warehouse and kill the watchman. He confesses the crime as his own, so his needy family can claim the reward. When he learns the reward isn't payable until after conviction, Jim escapes and flees.

Mon. Jun 2nd 4:00am

Split Robbery

Split Robbery: Armed robbers hold the wife of a supermarket manager hostage until her husband turns over the receipts of his store. Chief Mathews knowledge of criminal operations shows him where the thieves will strike next.

Tue. Jun 3rd 4:00am

The Trap

The Trap: Sentenced convict Ted Wilson is being taken to the state prison by Chief Mathews and the Highway Patrol. Members of Wilson's gang lay an ambush along the route.

Tue. Jun 3rd 4:30am

Reformed Criminal

Reformed Criminal: Frank Wood, a Farmer's Cooperative, is reported missing while trans-porting a large sum of the firm's money. Dan Mathews discovers Wood to have a criminal record. Road blocks are set up on the natural assumption that Wood is still a thief. Actually Wood succeeded in rehabilitating himself. He is overdue because of a tire-blowout and crash. Frank's efforts to prove his innocence are blocked by Mathew's persistent search for what appears to be a dangerous criminal. At the last moment, Mathews takes a heavy personal and professional risk to allow Wood to prove his rehabilitation.

Wed. Jun 4th 4:00am

Breath of a Child

Breath of a Child: A sailor is exposed to deadly-contagious spinal meningitis when he saves an infant's life. He then elopes with his girl, not knowing he's a carrier of the deadly disease.

Mon. Jun 9th 4:00am

Confidence Game

Confidence Game: Con man Paul Gayle swindles kindly Gus Fields out of his hard earned savings. Gus dies of a heart attack. Chief Mathews puts his force in motion to capture Gayle.

Mon. Jun 9th 4:30am


Expose: Newspaperman Merrill Hartman writes incriminating articles against a protection racket whose victims are afraid to give evidence to the police. To dispose of this threat to their operation, racketeers bait a trap for Hartman.

Tue. Jun 10th 4:00am

Narcotics Racket

Narcotics Racket: By posing as a Federal Narcotics Officer and a dope peddler, two swindlers dupe their victims into believing close relatives are members of a dope ring.

Wed. Jun 11th 4:00am

Copter Cave In

Copter Cave In: A gunman fleeing from prison forces a prospector to hide him in an aboandoned gold mine. When the mine collapses, a heavy rock pins the prospector down.

Wed. Jun 11th 4:30am

Gem Robbery

Gem Robbery: An employee of a diamond importing firm receives a consignment of the precious gems. Gangsters kidnap her. Her disappearance with the diamonds casts police suspicion on her.

Thu. Jun 12th 4:00am

Mexican Chase

Mexican Chase: Joining forces, the California and Mexican Highway Patrols hunt a car-theft ring operating across the border. The slick-working thieves elude the law by altering the cars before selling them.

Thu. Jun 12th 4:30am

Framed Cop

Framed Cop: Paul Carson has a grudge against Sergeant Ken Williams of the Highway Patrol. Williams had Carson's brother sentenced to prison and Carson is out to get even.

Fri. Jun 13th 4:00am

The Collector

The Collector: Crook Nathan Colley extracts 'hush money' from ex-convicts who are leading decent lives where people don't know about their past. Colley pulls a gun on ex-con Jerry Singleton when Jerry refuses to pay up.

Mon. Jun 16th 4:00am


Revenge: Ex-convict Gerald Gray swears to kill Dan Mathews for sending him to  prison.  Released, Gray challenges an innocent farmer to a gun battle and as Gray anticipated, Dan Mathews rushes in to stop the fight.

Wed. Jun 18th 4:00am

Brave Boy

Brave Boy: Young Billy Redmond's father is killed by a burglar who had entered the Redmond home thinking the family was out of town. Aided by Billy's eye-witness account of the crime, Chief Mathews leads the highway patrol in pursuit of the killer.

Wed. Jun 18th 4:30am

Diversion Robbery

Diversion Robbery: A pair of robbers devise a getaway technique in which a time bomb, exploding harmlessly but with terrifying noise, diverts attention from the scene of the crime and their escape.

Thu. Jun 19th 4:00am